How to write a letter to a friend with breast cancer

Some things I learned by asking questions, others I learned by bearing witness to your pain. This is not the end of life; think positively, and have faith that doctors only treat your corporeal self, but that God heals your soul.

Your life has always been a treasure to me. Darrin April 28, at 6: Your card or message should offer emotional support by letting the person know that they are not alone. And at the back of my mind sometimes, there was a tiny little whisper wondering what this would do to our relationship.

It is not clear whether there is another page. Thoughtlessly, her doctor reads her pathology results: These were the words that I needed to see and believe all those years ago.

You will continue to parent your child, providing a steady hand, a strong moral compass, and all the love you have to give. Surprisingly, not everybody wants a waist-high dog following them from room to room and sniffing their crotch while they clean.

And, perhaps scariest of all, will you be OK? I try not to let any haunting fear of a return rule my life. We have fought a lot. It can be useful to look back at later.

In I was healthy, making 70k a year making video games and playing paintball with people half my age in the noon day Texas sun. We pray that you feel like yourself again soon!

The problem is that it was found on his spinal cord and it caused some neuro damage and as a result he lost his ability to walk, and his bodily functions.

3D Tattoos for Breast Cancer Patients Arrive in Pittsburgh

You would tell me to stop and I stopped. I pray for a divine healing, and may the treatment be bearable. All this cancer business started at age Thank you, Lord, for answering our prayers.

Usually you will need to wait to speak to your GP or specialist. The devastating diagnosis is delivered with no explanation, no reassurance, no handholding. Would you give me copies of your physical examinations and all of your medical records?

Those delightful memorys and others, come in handy later when you are hooked up to numerous machines for 4 months in a cancer ward. You are the one the term "life-changing" accompanies, not me.

Where you go in the hospital will depend on the type of test you are having. Knowing your existance makes another feel good is priceless when you have any type of terminal disease. We are praying that God will look after you. If I had done that, you, and Loma Linda would leave me alone.


But that is nearly a year away so no point in worrying over it now. Working to find balance between your own needs and the needs of a loved one with cancer can feel overwhelming for anyone in the caregiver role.

There are several practical things you can do. Our two greyhounds, however, prevent a lot of that at the moment. May the Lord be your strength and shield as you battle cancer!

I finally got him to come back to me after a month but he was changed and cruel and constantly threatened to leave me.An Open Letter to a Woman Who Has Breast Cancer 0 Comments Share Tweet Email.

D ear Friend, I know your world has recently been turned upside down. You can hardly breathe and you’re worried about your future and your family’s future.

Lorraine Day Correspondence with DeWittt Williams. On April 15,the Director of Health Ministries for the Seventh-day Adventist Church asked Dr. Lorraine Day to supply further details about her cancer diagnosis and treatment.

“So, how is your relationship now that you have breast cancer?” asks the cancer wellness program intake worker. My husband and I are holding hands. An Open Letter to Someone with Breast Cancer. This is a letter to someone out there. I don’t know your name, but I’m sure you are there: a woman who has recently received a diagnosis of breast cancer.

You don’t know me, but I was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 ½ years ago. Dear Friend. A little over a year ago, you were diagnosed with breast often use the word "life-changing" for things like this and, though it sounds a bit cliché and trite, that's.

"The truly beautiful pages and heartfelt messages in Gina L. Mulligan's book DEAR FRIEND make up a collection of handwritten letters to women newly diagnosed with breast cancer.

How to write a letter to a friend with breast cancer
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